Thinking of Affiliate Marketing

I have a decent online revenue from the various blogs I run and the numerous services I offer. However, right now, I’m thinking of trying out affiliate marketing. I guess it’s the thing that really helps you make money online.

So, I was wondering, if any of you know a great place to begin for affiliate marketing newbies, please leave a comment. I’ve already joined a few forums and have checked out a couple affiliate marketing teaching programs. I’ll probably join one of these programs to get myself some good fundamental knowledge in this industry.

HOWEVER, again, some tips would be great. I promise, once I’m decent at doing this stuff, I’ll be sure to leave my own tips and tricks in this field.

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Staying Ahead: Both Painful and Bliss

Staying ahead is an integral part of managing your time properly. This is in fact not something that only webmasters, bloggers, and web entrepreneurs should practice, but is something that everyone should practice. To be honest, I’m really bad at this as I usually finish my stuff on the day that it is due. However, recently I’m finding that the pain(?) of doing it without any pressure results in a joyful time later on.

Starting this upcoming Sunday, I will have limited access to the Internet for about 20 days because of some personal stuff going on. However, as a blogger and an entrepreneur, every minute is important, which explains why I stay up until 3 a.m. everyday. So, since last week, I have been writing up a lot (and I do mean a lot) of content to cover up the days that I will be gone. Even today I have devoted about 5 hours purely into writing–something that I don’t often do.

However, the thought of not needing to stare at my monitor for the next few weeks surprisingly excites me. While I do love blogging and I do love the life of a young online entrepreneur, I also do want to enjoy the world outside of the 20″ screen that I’m staring at. I guess it is in a way, a fair trade–hours of work and hours of play.

To be successful, time really is important. Fortunately, I’m learning that these days (as I wasn’t an amazing time manager in high school) and I’m really seeing the results. If you didn’t know, I’m also a designer who designs websites for people. I’m just too lazy to design my one. Anyways, recently I was hired to design and code a WordPress theme. Okay, so I’m not an awesome coder. I don’t know what went through my mind, but I accepted the request and was expected to produce a working product in two weeks. Some of you WordPress theme gods might think that the time was more than enough. Well, for someone who knew a decent amount of XHTML and a tad bit of PHP, it wasn’t easy.

Nonetheless, I was able to meet the deadline and was offered another theme job, which I am working on these days. How was I able to do it? I knew that the coding was going to end up as a headache, so I knew that I had two options. I could either try it myself and if I couldn’t do it, get another coder, or just hire a coder to do it. For a long time though, I have been looking to learn the WordPress backend, so I knew this was the time to give it a go.

I worked about 5-6 hours a day on the designing the theme. On the fourth day I had a good theme that was the client was quite pleased with. So, I had ten days left to see how I could code this in. Before diving in though, I also found a few reputable coders incase I wouldn’t be able to code it well. I followed WPDesigner’s tutorial and CodeScheme’s. Fortunately, by about the 7th day into all the WordPress coding stuff, I was able to get a functioning theme based off my PSD working on my localhost. I had a bit more than a couple days to get any bugs and XHTML errors cleaned out. To conclude, I met the deadline.

Honestly, if you want to suceed, you WANT to be a master at managing time. Overacheiving by giving the final product too early always dazzles your clients. Note that this isn’t only for designing sites or blogging. It’s really for literally everything. I’m learning it right now. It’s painful. However, I tasted the “freedom” after it and it’s motivating me to keep going.

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Hello World!

Hello world. This is my personal make money online, tech, Internet, life, sports, idols, etc. type of a blog. A general blog to be short. However, as make money online is the first in the list, I hope to center this blog around this very saturated, yet quite an interesting niche.

I’ve been thinking of creating this blog for a while (more like about a year) and finally decided to conduct the famous 5-minute WordPress install.

Obviously, there really isn’t much in this blog right now, but I do hope to update this quite often. I have years of blogging experience through many gadget blogs and other niche blogs. However, I’ll leave that blogging tips and tricks talk to my other metablogging site and make ahnternet more of my personal blog centered around MMO.

Let’s see how this goes…

If you want to read more about ahnternet and the blogger, refer to the About page.

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Why Lists REALLY Work

Ever since I began reading I have always loved material that was concise and to the point. Studies even show that people can easily consume written material if they are broken up into paragraphs containing 3-4 sentences. However, the best of them all has to be the list.

Lists are both clear and concise. Unfortunately, not many bloggers use this. This could be because the majority of the blogs on the web right now are personal blogs. However, even these personal blogs could use lists. In fact, lists help in preventing you reader from deviating.

In my case, my trackers (and I use way too many and stare at them way too long) show that my blog posts using lists are way more popular than those that don’t. Sure I don’t have many on BloggersWalk yet, but my other blogs also show a similar trend. Thus, it seems pretty safe to assume that lists work better. Let’s see why.

1. Short, BUT Informative
Rarely do you see long lists. If they were that long they would be paragraphs. The whole point of lists is that it gives the important information while taking out all the fluff. Readers like that as it saves time and energy.

2. It’s Not So Boring
Although some long lines of constant words are quite interesting to read, this is on a rare scenario. Most of the time, the really long posts are simply boring. The reader gets quickly bored of all the unnecessary information thrown at them. Lists don’t do this. You NEVER want your readers thinking that your blog is boring!

3. Organizes the Material
You know how lists usually go from 1 to X? Most of the time this number has some meaning behind it. Personally, I’m not dazzling at this one. I usually just number whatever comes to mind. However, lists usually are supposed to help you organize your material in any specific order you may have.

4. Helps With Persuading
As a blogger, you are often giving some sort of an information. In the case of this information being a trick or an opinion, lists are really good at persuading your visitors in seeing your opinion. This is because your points are thrown at your visitors one after another. Hopefully right now, I’m persuading you that lists are a good thing to implement in your posts.

5. Easy to Compose
Lists are often easy to create and write. You don’t need to have an awesome talent in your language. All you need to be able to do is be able to deliver your points in the most simplest manner possible. After all, that’s what lists are–giving your say in a quick but informative manner. This is what makes lists easy to create and implement in your blog posts.

Lists keep your posts clear and concise. If you are by any chance a high school student preparing for the SATs, you probably know this. In your writing section, you select your answers based on the following order: correct > clear > concise. As a blogger, assuming that your posts are correct and logical, what makes the difference between you and the average Joe is clarity and conciseness. Lists help you tremendously in achieving this.

Are you a big fan of lists? You think lists are stupid? Have your say about this post and leave a comment please!

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Check Before Publishing!

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts that were of excellent quality, but looked unprofessional due to some mistakes here and there. Before hitting the “Publish” button, you can prevent these little mistakes and make your overall blog a lot better. This simple checklist might seem like an extra chore, but if you are serious about blogging, caring about your blog’s professionalism is important. Don’t you agree?

Spelling and Punctuations
What puts me off the most are spelling errors. To bring your blog posts to the next level, professionalism is important and a part of it is spelling things correctly. WodrPress and Gooogle should be fixed. Even a simple re-read over your blog post can help a lot. In the case of WordPress, it comes with a built-in spell checker. Clicking the spell check button and looking for the underlined words take at most a minute. Punctuations are also a key thing to watch out for. The most frequent punctuation error is forgetting to put a period. Again, a re-read can help immensely.

To be honest, I’m still struggling with this one, but am trying to improve. Organization. I’m still a blogger that is just writing the points as they come into my mind. Currently I have a post that is queued which discusses organization in further detail. However, as that post is not up yet, I’ll make a brief point here. Before posting, you should already have a general idea on what your finished post will look like. Instead of having that blueprint in your mind, draw one out on a paper. See what the best order of the paragraphs is.

Making Line Breaks
Studies show that people can read easily when they see a block of text that is about three to four sentences long. Again, this is not me and I have a tendency to write really long paragraphs. However, when I read a few blogs, I do notice some really long paragraphs which could’ve been two or three paragraphs. See how you can make smart line breaks to help your visitors. Remember, an important aspect of blogging is serving your readers well.

Link Out When Possible
Specifically, a web log (to different itself from other versions like photo logs) is a source of information. If you visit Wikipedia, you will notice that the majority of the articles there link out to other references. Readers love this as they want to know the most information possible. Linking out shows both the blogger’s professionalism and an awareness of the topic discussed. By linking out to related sites or posts, your post becomes more close to being THE post on the Internet for whatever you happen to be blogging about in that post. The best example of this is Wikipedia‘s articles. In most of their articles they will link whenever possible.

Read It Out Loud
My experience tells me that this is the most effective last check-up to do before hitting the “Publish” button. It helps me find grammatical errors and other minor flaws in the post. I’m not a grammar whiz, so I will have a few grammatical errors that I couldn’t find. Nonetheless, at least eliminating those that I do know of always helps.

These are a few of the areas that I’m working on. I won’t say that I do it for all of my posts, but I do go through this short checklist with most of my posts. It helps immensely as I am able to catch the errors that do slip through on my first write. As a student, you are always told to write a first draft, revise it, then maybe think of the final draft. Why publish the first draft with blogs? If you cared for your blog, you shouldn’t be satisfied with a first draft, but strive for the excellent final draft.

Did I miss anything? Do you have your own little checklist that you go through before hitting the “Publish” button? Why don’t you share it with the rest of the community by putting it as a comment?

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8 Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is definitely a growing hobby these days. However, some people might wonder what the point of blogging is. After all, it is quite time consuming to be an active blogger, as it blogging is not all about publishing new posts on your blog. As (already) the first half of my summer vacation is over, I’m starting to worry about the amount of time I will be able to invest in my other blogs, as I’m sure that most of my time will be spent for BloggersWalk.

I am really beginning to think about whether keeping my other blogs alive will be worthwhile (again, don’t worry, BloggersWalk will be constantly updated no matter what), which led me to writing this post… I figured that some of you may be wondering the same thing, as many people these days live very busy lives. So, what do you get out of blogging? In no particular order…

Voicing Your Thoughts
Isn’t this one of the more popular reasons behind blogging? Blogging gives your an opportunity to say what you wish. Now, the size of your audience may be unknown, but at least it is a place where you can deliver your voice. Had a fight with someone? Don’t like a certain political move? Did you get a 4.0 GPA in the hardest class but don’t want to brag about it in front of others? Well, a blog is your space!

Metacognition: Thinking About Thinking
One of the most important things about blogging is proofreading. This is to avoid flaws such as spelling mistakes, punctuations errors, and of course, illogical thinking. By looking over your work once more, you are thinking about what you wrote. This helps in increasing your level of thinking. Note that this also happens when you are commenting, as you want to look over what your wrote in the comment box.

Your Writing Gets Better
I’ve said this so many times, but I’ll say it again. The core of blogging is writing. I mean, that’s what blogging is! You can’t blog without writing. So, the more your blog, the more you are writing. Consequently, your writing can only get better. Practice makes perfect. Personally, I believe that such things like writing can’t be perfected. However, constant blogging (writing) can help you reach perfection.

A Window to Knowledge
Unless you’re a splogger (SPAM blogger), you’re learning something while you blog. Wait… Maybe you can learn to SPAM… Anyways, whether it is a niche specific blog or a general blog, you are bound to learn something while you blog. With BloggersWalk I’m learning about the blogosphere and making money blogging. With my other niche blogs I am learning new things. You really can’t avoid consuming new knowledge if you are a blogger.

You Develop an Online Identity
The Internet is a big part of our world today and having a presence on it is a fantastic thing. It is different from those Facebook profiles and an MSN/AIM/YIM account. As a blogger, you are establishing yourself as a potential Internet celebrity. Your thoughts and ideas are widely accessible around the globe. You are not only known in your local community, but you may also be known by someone on the other side of the world.

Your Network Grows
An integral part of blogging is commenting on others’ blogs. What is interesting about blogs is that more blogs are run by one person rather than a group (although group blogs are popular). However, the success of a blog is not dependent on the author, but dependent on other bloggers. It’s like social networking while working by yourself. Through commenting on others’ blogs, you meet new people and expand your network. Man is considered a social animal by nature for a reason!

You COULD Make Money
A blog has the potential to earn quite a bit of money. Search engines like blogs because of the new and unique content. With a good ranking for even a decent keyword, there is a potential for some massive search engine traffic. Not to forget, a blog can also receive traffic through link exchanges and various advertisements. This traffic can then be monetized to earn quite a bit of money. Some people even make a living through blogs. Note that nearly everyone, with some effort, can get some extra pocket money through their blogs too.

You Learn to Look Back
A “web log” (the extended term of “blog”) is a log. Weeks later, months later, and even years later the content you wrote will still be there assuming that your data is not deleted. If you currently run a blog, see the very first post you made ever or the very first post you made for your blog. After you’ve done that check out your current posts. See a slight change? As time goes on, everyone grows in their own ways. A blog grows with the author(s). You can reflect on the mistakes you made or relive the moments that were wonderful. A blog post is like taking a snapshot without any expensive equipments!

These are eight benefits to blogging. There are more and the list can go on and on. I only took a few from quite a long list that I made while on a bus ride. The benefits are really huge if you think about it! Anyways, I don’t want the spotlight to only be one me!

What benefits do you see in blogging?

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WordPress Theme Directory Open!

Had a hard time looking for a nice free theme for your WordPress? Well, the theme directory is open!

One of the most important aspects of a blog is its design. Okay, WordPress has a pretty decent default theme, but it surely isn’t something that you want to stick with in the long run. The officialy directory has been cleaned and is starting from 0 again (currently 9 are in the directory). Soon enough, the directory should become massive.

Need a good free theme? Looking to change your current theme? Can’t pay for a custom yet? It doesn’t hurt to check it out. I’m seeing some good ones in there already.

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Should I Upgrade to Every Release?

WordPress recently released WordPress 2.6. Many people already updated the system and this morning, I updated BloggersWalk to 2.6 too. However, one of the blogs that I write for, but do not own, still runs the old WordPress 2.1. A few people have also asked me if the update to the latest release is actually worth it. To update or not to update, that is the question…

New Features!
Usually these major updates have new features in them. In the case of WordPress 2.6, I’m really enjoying the plugin manager. Those who are new to WordPress will not know this, but those who did use any of the versions before this release knows the pain of having to activate the plugins one by one. Now, it can be done in bulk. Also, although very minor, I really like the little word count feature added with this release. These updates often bring a collection of great updates. While some may be of no use to you, note that some can be of use to you.

Security Concerns
Okay, most of the time, if there is a security issue, a minor patch is done. An example would be an update from 2.5 to 2.5.1. However, most of the time, major udpates also have significantly improved security systems. A blog is a big thing with a lot of information on it. Losing all the data would be horrible. You should backup frequently anyways to prevent any disasters. However, if you have a good secure system in place you won’t even need to get to the point of needing to restore because of a hacker or a corruption. Usually major releases have these security updates. Personally I upgrade for this reason than for the new (but often not useful) features.

Plugins & Theme Compatibility
Plugins take your site to a whole new level. It quickly adds new and interesting features to make your blogs look and/or function better. However, often with updates, plugins can be a problem. With WordPress 2.6, this is not a big issue as nothing much changed on the plugin side. Nonetheless, this isn’t guaranteed with 2.7, 2.8, and so on. Again, with themes, nothing much changed with WordPress 2.6. However, with the later versions, compatibility issues can come up, such as not being able to fully use the new features. So, you have to decide, are the updates worth more than a few plugins and/or themes you may not be able to use? Or vice-versa?

A Bigger Hassle?
Upgrading your blog to the latest release might be a bigger hassle. It might sound easy, but if everything does not work out as planned, the two options are to stick with the bunch of errors or downgrade. Downgrading at times might not be possible, and even if it was possible, it would be a major hassle to do it most of the time. Is it worth the risk?

Am I confusing you by any chance on whether to upgrade/update or not? The decision is really up to you. Jason seemed to be against upgrading so early and I too am (except for this release). So you’re probably wondering what you have to do then. With every upgrade, the first thing I do is backing up. I back up everything just incase of a disastrous failure. In the case of such an unfortunate event, all you need to do is download a release archive and install it with your old database.

Did you upgrade to the recently released WordPress 2.6? If so, are you liking it? Did you face any difficulties? If you didn’t, why didn’t you upgrade yet?

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BloggersWalk Updated to WordPress 2.6!

Luckily, I was able to get to updating this blog to WordPress 2.6 a lot earlier than I thought. So far I haven’t seen much changes here on the admin panel’s side. However, as promised, I’ll check out the new and improved features with WordPress 2.6 and some of my thoughts on this update.

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BloggersWalk Mailbag

I know that I’m not a pro with blogging just yet. However, I’m an avid learner and feel as if I’m learning more and more about the blogosphere and the monetizing part of blogging too. Personally, I feel that I am able to quickly consume more and more knowledge about blogging because I am constantly asking questions on how to make my blogs better. Nonetheless, I am neither a genius nor a question bag. So, I’ve decided to try something new at BloggersWalk.

Yes, a mailbag! What is it? Well, if you have any questions regarding blogging or monetizing your blog, send some questions over to mailbag at BloggersWalk dot com. Every week I’ll start off the week with answering a couple of questions that came to the mailbag. If there are a lot of questions, I’ll briefly answer a few of them. If there aren’t so many, I’ll pick one and give an thorough answer.

So what are you waiting for? After all this is free “consultation”, if you can put it that way!

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