Staying Ahead: Both Painful and Bliss

Staying ahead is an integral part of managing your time properly. This is in fact not something that only webmasters, bloggers, and web entrepreneurs should practice, but is something that everyone should practice. To be honest, I’m really bad at this as I usually finish my stuff on the day that it is due. However, recently I’m finding that the pain(?) of doing it without any pressure results in a joyful time later on.

Starting this upcoming Sunday, I will have limited access to the Internet for about 20 days because of some personal stuff going on. However, as a blogger and an entrepreneur, every minute is important, which explains why I stay up until 3 a.m. everyday. So, since last week, I have been writing up a lot (and I do mean a lot) of content to cover up the days that I will be gone. Even today I have devoted about 5 hours purely into writing–something that I don’t often do.

However, the thought of not needing to stare at my monitor for the next few weeks surprisingly excites me. While I do love blogging and I do love the life of a young online entrepreneur, I also do want to enjoy the world outside of the 20″ screen that I’m staring at. I guess it is in a way, a fair trade–hours of work and hours of play.

To be successful, time really is important. Fortunately, I’m learning that these days (as I wasn’t an amazing time manager in high school) and I’m really seeing the results. If you didn’t know, I’m also a designer who designs websites for people. I’m just too lazy to design my one. Anyways, recently I was hired to design and code a WordPress theme. Okay, so I’m not an awesome coder. I don’t know what went through my mind, but I accepted the request and was expected to produce a working product in two weeks. Some of you WordPress theme gods might think that the time was more than enough. Well, for someone who knew a decent amount of XHTML and a tad bit of PHP, it wasn’t easy.

Nonetheless, I was able to meet the deadline and was offered another theme job, which I am working on these days. How was I able to do it? I knew that the coding was going to end up as a headache, so I knew that I had two options. I could either try it myself and if I couldn’t do it, get another coder, or just hire a coder to do it. For a long time though, I have been looking to learn the WordPress backend, so I knew this was the time to give it a go.

I worked about 5-6 hours a day on the designing the theme. On the fourth day I had a good theme that was the client was quite pleased with. So, I had ten days left to see how I could code this in. Before diving in though, I also found a few reputable coders incase I wouldn’t be able to code it well. I followed WPDesigner’s tutorial and CodeScheme’s. Fortunately, by about the 7th day into all the WordPress coding stuff, I was able to get a functioning theme based off my PSD working on my localhost. I had a bit more than a couple days to get any bugs and XHTML errors cleaned out. To conclude, I met the deadline.

Honestly, if you want to suceed, you WANT to be a master at managing time. Overacheiving by giving the final product too early always dazzles your clients. Note that this isn’t only for designing sites or blogging. It’s really for literally everything. I’m learning it right now. It’s painful. However, I tasted the “freedom” after it and it’s motivating me to keep going.

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