WordPress To Build Profile Than Content

So there are various types of bloggers. Some people blog for money. Others blog for content. Others just blog because they love a topic so much or because their friends are blogging. The truth is, everyone blogs for a reason. I blog here to build content, to share some knowledge, and build a community while making some money here and there. I also blog to build an image of myself. Considering the blogging population, there are a whole lot of people online blogging to build profile too. Personally, I think blogging to build profile has its ups and downs.

You Really Should!!

You Step It Up

As a blogger, the moment you decide to build a profile of yourself or a brand of yourself in your blog, you really take that blog in as your online identity. It’s not too different to people creating an image of themselves on Facebook or even Twitter. Quite often, people see their blogs as just a small website they run. However, if you look to carve an image of yourself on your blog, you will unconsciously step it up in your blogging career.

A Dynamic Resume

Let’s face it. The Internet is dramatically changing the way the world of employment is run. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the “rumor” that your employee’s are searching your name in Google or are “stalking” you on Facebook to learn more about you, beyond what the self-introduction section does in typical resumes. Well, wouldn’t it be cool to redirect these employees to your blog? Well… assuming your topic isn’t on something like warez or adult… ;) Hey, I wouldn’t mind my employees stumbling over my personal blog or ahnternet. :D Plus, the fact that your blog is always growing with more content and changing with new events makes sure that your resume is excitement-filled and anything but boring!

You Build Respect

While you undergo the process of building a profile on your blog, because you will be approaching your blog and your readers in an honest way, you will build respect towards yourself among your followers. You won’t become the new Internet celebrity, but you certainly will create a true respectable relationship among you and your readers. This also means an increase in RSS subscribers and which blogger doesn’t like that! ;)

The Only Reason You Should Re-think This…

Personally, the only reason I would every re-think the possibility of creating such an image on my blog is safety issues. The truth is, no one can really do anything bad knowing your name and your age, but the more they know about you, and considering the fact that a blog is very public (unless you put restrictions on it), there is a chance that someone can use those information in malicious ways (eg. spam). The chances are not too high, but it’s better safe than sorry!


Again, I personally feel that especially when you are the only one running the blog, you really want to create a certain image of yourself in your blog. Without much effort, you will definitely see yourself more engaged, and your readers more into your writing. To be honest, in an co-authoring blog, I certainly feel that such construction is possible, assuming you have an “author’s profile” section with each of your posts.

And You…?

As a blogger, or even a webmaster, do you build a profile or an image of yourself on your site? If so, how? If not, why don’t you?

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Setting Daily Advertising Goals

I’m a real slacker. With the summer coming around, I have decided to aggressively move forward with my sites. Personally, I believe that writing content is half the battle; without marketing your blog, your content really goes to waste.

So, for this summer, I have decided to up my marketing efforts with a thoroughly thought out plan. I know that doing something is better than doing nothing, I know that the plan won’t fail. However, we’ll see how effective this summer comes out to be… ;)

The 5-Step Plan

Ten Directories a Day

I’m setting 90 days as my summer working days right now and so far, and therefore, assuming I keep to the schedule, I should have around 900 submissions done for particular keywords I am interested in ranking for. 900 submissions could probably be done easily by hiring someone to do it, but I prefer the old manual submission and link building over long periods.

Article Submission

Probably not the best type of promotion for a blog like this one, but for my product sites,  I’m looking into writing two articles per week per site. This comes int around 22 articles per site, which is very doable.

Dofollow Blog Commenting

Dofollow commenting is extremely powerful, considering you can kill two birds with one stone. With quality commenting, not only do you gain reputation, but you can also get quality backlinks without being called a shameless advertiser or a spammer. Build a reputation among bloggers while promoting your site; how cool is that?! In regards to how much commenting I will be doing, I look to target at least five blogs a day in the niches that ahnternet covers.  With other sites, I’ll cover their niches with five comments a day.

Guest Posting

I think guest posting is an excellent way to reach out to new readers without going through the hassle of trying to build backlinks and hoping that a reader clicks on the link out of random interest. To be brutally honest, I have been quite terrible at keeping this one, so I’m going to limit myself to two a month and we’ll see how it goes from there.


Before the summer goes by, I hope to run a contest of some sort. Possibly with a fellow blogger, possibly by myself. For now, nothing is really set, but I have a rough idea on how I want to run it and what I want to give out as prizes, so keep your eyes out on that.


So we’ll see how it goes. Will it be a failure? Definitely not. I think it will be more on how much of a success will this bring to this blog and my other sites. Again, we’ll see. ;)

If you have any other ideas on marketing websites for a low cost without too much work involved on my part, I would love to hear your comment. Sharing is caring. :P

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I Changed Permalinks!

For any webmaster, probably the scariest thing is changing your website’s URL. Hence, for bloggers, it is no different. Well, today, I took the step of changing a permalink structure that I’ve stuck with for the last two years. The structure I originally had was:


And the one I have now is:


Now, you are probably thinking that I’m going to lose out big time on linkbacks and search engine traffic, considering I am no mod_rewrite expert and .htaccess being anything but a friend to me. Well, fortunately, I guess there were more poor souls like me wanting to change their past permalink structure and a plugin was made to help these souls. Dean’s Permalinks Migration is the plugin I installed here at ahnternet and so far, it seems to be redirecting just fine.

Simply log in to your WordPress admin panel, install the plugin, and the plugin will give you an input form where you input your former permalink structure. Once you update the plugin with the past structure, you are good to go and change your permalink. The plugin will (or should) recognize the old format and redirect the visitor/robot/spider to the new format.

Update on possible downsides with this plugin will come if there are any.

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Take Advantage Of Special Days

Yesterday being April Fools day, I realized how to us bloggers, special days can be perfect days to write a post about. It is also one of the few days in a year where you can do something really different with your blog. When talking about websites, the one site that probably does this the most often is Google. Everyone knows of Google’s logos that celebrate a certain day. Did you ever wonder why they do it? Further on, did you ever think about doing it yourself?

Why You Should Take Advantage!

Attention To Detail

It speaks volumes when your visitors can see that you are on top of your blogging. Keep your blog dead for months and your visitors will know that you aren’t as devoted to your blog and possibly not visit as often. You certainly don’t want to give that impression. So, although it may seem like you aren’t exactly doing much, these subtle changes can give good impressions about your blog to your visitors.

Given Freedom

As a blogger, you are given some freedom. Take advantage of these days to go “off-topic” with your blog. Do something related to the day, but at the same time, do something random. Now, don’t do something extraordinary, such as trying to pull of an April Fool’s joke on the 4th of July, but as long as you maintain a degree of common sense too, your visitors will be fine with it.

You Have Your Topic

Quite often, bloggers can hit a writer’s block and just be empty with ideas. To be honest, unless you are in some crazy amount of industries at the same time, you ARE going to run out of topics to talk about. On these days, you have your “filler”… I guess.

But What To Do?

I know, I know. As a blogger, what can you actually do to celebrate the day on your blog? I have a few ideas that I frequently turn to for my sites/blogs, and I’m sure there are way more unique things you can do on these days. Got a cool idea? Just leave it as a comment!

Unique Logos

Again, Google is best known for this. Why do they do it and why should you do this? Well, the logo at the top of your blog is always in the visitor’s browser without the visitor having to scroll down to view it. Hence, this little change will be noticed by all of your visitors. You don’t want your work going down the drain do you?

A Special Blog Post

Another typical one you can always rely on as a blogger. Make a unique post related to that day on your blog. It doesn’t have to be witty (although the witty ones usually work best), so there’s really no pressure. Assuming your visitors do read your blog posts faithfully, they’ll notice it.

Overshadowing Notice

While this can be annoying to some visitors, unless the particular visitor is in some really bad mood, this little trick shouldn’t hurt to much. Make a small in-window popup appear to celebrate the day together with visitor. There are a few WordPress plugins that can assist you with doing this by the way, so you don’t have to worry about the coding side of this. ;)


As a blogger, treat your blog as your online home. If it’s a certain day you want to celebrate, go for with… with your visitors too. More than less, outcomes are positive. Come find me if things go bad… I’m that confident. :P

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March BloggersBB Update

Hey everyone, so I have decided to put a hold on my somewhat new project, BloggersBB. To be honest, it has been a rough road managing the forums by myself. So, in regards to the contest and the entire project itself, I have decided to pause it for now with the hopes of re-opening it this coming summer. :)

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My WordPress Was Hacked!

I guess my WordPress account and a few other WordPress installations that I run on this blog was hacked. How did I feel? Pretty mad both at myself and whoever took the courtesy to hack it:


Yeah, I’m not afraid to release that person’s email. ;)

I guess it’s time for a “how to restore a hacked WordPress account” time?

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Tips To Dealing With Writer’s Block

This is a guest post and is not written by Static. So general opinions on certain topics and writing style that have been long present in this blog most likely will not be present in this blog. However, accepting this article means that it is a quality article that ahnternet is fully behind.

If you are a blogger or related to blogging/Internet marketing in any way, then you might have faced the writer’s block.  We all face it or at least I face it daily, that irritating feeling of sitting in front of the computer browsing various websites, thinking about what to write, what my readers would like, what would be helpful for them, and what is something that they don’t know about. Suddenly your mind goes blank. Do you feel the same way I do? If yes, then please continue reading as I am going to share some tips which are really useful and helped me a lot to avoid such situations.

Taking Notes

Create a notepad file and list topics which you found while surfing on the web, chatting, reading the local newspaper etc. and feel that these topics could be of great interest for your readers. This list is very handy when you are facing a writer block and searching for some fresh ideas.


We all know about Digg and other social bookmarking sites. These sites are endless sources of fresh content and ideas. Go to any such website. I personally prefer Digg. Search the Digg stories relevant to your niche and analyze the taste of your target audience. See what kind of content is popular and write something on it.

Google Wonder Wheel

Have you heard about Google Wonder Wheel? Google Wonder Wheel is a flash based interface which shows the searched query in the hub. Results would be shown as its branches. To use Wonder Wheel, click on the “Show options” as shown in the figure below.

Then select the “Wonder Wheel” to see results in Wheel Format. I am using the keyword, “internet marketing” in my example, but you can use any keyword depending on your niche.

You can click on any branch you want to search further to get new ideas for your content. For example, I want to see which keywords are related to internet marketing strategies.

Yahoo! Answers

Another good source of finding fresh ideas is Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is one of the biggest community driven Q&A website on the web. You can easily search for the questions which are related to your niche to find what your target audience is looking for lately.

Google Blog Search

Going to relevant blogs and reading new posts are a great way to find new ideas for your own blog, but it is time consuming. Hence I prefer Google Blog Search. Go to blog search, perform search for your keywords, and see the latest blog entries dealing with that keyword. Finally, simply read only those you find interesting to get new ideas for your blog.

So, these are some tips which I use and hopefully they can be useful for you too when you are facing a writer’s block. Also, if you have any more ideas on how to avoid writer’s block then feel free to share them in the comments.

Gagandeep Singh is working as a marketing executive for Invesp and helps E-commerce websites in creating killer landing pages and in making their conversion rate optimization campaigns successful.

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5 Tips to Quickly Writing A Quality Post Part I

I started writing this post without any idea on how long it will end up being. The title certainly is not a good indicator of the length of the post, so I decided to break it up into two parts for easier digestion.

Quite often, bloggers struggle to write. Regardless of the niche, sooner or later, they will hit some sort of a writer’s block where they simply cannot get out of. Breaking out of that block is not the question as time as proven again and again that people do break out eventually. However, the importance lies in how quickly you break out of it and what quality of posts you write during your break out. It is easy to start writing low quality posts, but as much as your blog is an image of yourself, you certainly don’t want to take that route.

I find myself mostly struggling to find time to blog. Unlike many, I rarely (actually don’t recall once, but I will say rarely to be safe) find myself out of ideas to post about. Why? I go through these five steps to find ideas, and I go through these unconsciously. However, you can start by practicing them consciously and maybe these might melt into your daily schedule without you intending them to be. Then, voila! You overflow with ideas!

Read And Don’t Read Your Niche

Everyone nowadays will tell you this. Read blogs in your niche. I will say, “Read them, but don’t only read them.” This is because by reading other blogs related to your niche, you start to unconsciously develop a writing style that isn’t your own flavor, but one that imitates the blogs you are subscribed to. I always find new bloggers trying to imitate the bigger bloggers. If you read carefully into the bigger blogs, you will notice:

  • they are talking in their own unique styles
  • they have experience
  • they have their unique sources of ideas

By imitating them, you are confined to only their share of knowledge and ideas. That limits your blog and it can only be, at the most, an “imitating” blog. You don’t want that happening.

To prevent that, you should read other blogs and writings. Newspapers, online news articles, and personal blogs are just a few to mention. Go for the global section that applies to everyone. The intention here is to read over multiple styles to start defining your own style. However, as the idea of this post is to give you ideas to talk about, I will also confidently state that by reading other subjects, you will also create an idea database in your mind. Some things will spark posts to write about and others won’t. In the long run though, you will be pulling stuff to implement into your posts from multiple sources here and there to create quality posts.

What’s Hot?

You may have brilliant ideas. However, if no one is interested in your ideas, although they may be brilliant, you are not going to get much recognition.  So, you want to blog about topics that are on everyone’s minds. There are multiple ways to do this.

  • Visit forums related to your niche. For example, since I’m talking about blogging in this post, I may visit super niche specific forums such as BloggersBB or relatively focused forums such as Digital Point’s Blogging section. Regardless of which ones you visit, you are bound to see people asking questions of all difficulty and interest.
  • Carefully read the comments on your blog and others’ blogs. You will start to see that there are many commentators that ask questions that unfortunately, many bloggers nowadays do not take the time to respond to. This is your chance to jump on the idea and write about it.
  • Follow people on Twitter. The microblogging scene has added a whole new dimension to this blogging game and it certainly is a pot filled with stuff to talk about. See what Twitter users in your field are talking about and try to join in on the conversation, both using Twitter and using your blog.
  • Run a poll on your site to see what people want to know about. Sometimes, you have to ask your visitors what they want and serve it to them. If you don’t have big traffic, this may not be the most ideal option, but minimal traffic will still give you some results.

Three More Ways To Fish Ideas!

So, I guess I’m not that great of a planner, making this post initially go past a thousand words. Little doses of medicine are much better than chucking the entire thing down your throat, so I’ll let you guys munch on these thoughts for a while until I release the next three ways.

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BloggersBB Launch Contest Giving Away $1000+ Prizes!

BloggersBB Blogger’s Forum is finally launching and to celebrate the launch, is giving away over $1000+ worth of prizes to all bloggers and webmasters! It is one of the bigger public projects that I will be spearheading this 2010, and I would honestly like all of you to be a part of it. It is an extremely exciting moment for me as after leaving the forum managing industry two years ago, I am finally going at it again to foster a community that can really give something back to the greater blogosphere. :)

First, I would like to thank the sponsors who have been more than willing to help setup BloggersBB Launch Contest.


Blue Shore Host may be new in town, but the service and the support they provide questions their age. Are they really relatively new or are they actually an experienced and old crew? We think it is the latter just trying to act young and energetic! What better than to have an enthusiastic team that delivers top-notch hosting?

Hosshost is truly no joke. Their support is no joke either. It is a serious web host that strives to deliver and the configurations they deliver at the prices listed just surprises us.

SequenceHosting is an offshore hosting company (based in UK) that strives to provide quality and affordable hosting to clients all over the world. Not overpricing their services and keeping the resources just right for bloggers is really a plus!

SharkSpace is an established web hosting company that already has a reputation that most hosts can only dream of. Offers a true 24/7 support and has been an advertiser on ahnternet for nearly a year already. Quality hosting that you know you can depend on.

WPWebHost is a hosting company especially for WordPress users. It is an established brand among the WordPress community. Many of BloggersBB’s fellow bloggers use this service and rarely have we seen downtime in the blogs!

CustomTwitterBg can help you boost your appearance on Twitter. With Twitter becoming an integral asset in today’s online presence for an individual, you want CustomTwitterBG to help you design your Twitter to something that resembles you more. They even offer free backgrounds!

DesignFXpro has a stunning portfolio of mascots and logos. If originality is what you want, you really can’t go wrong with them. Honestly, check their portfolio out, because you will be amazed…

Logo Nerds offers mascots and different level logos to suit your budget and needs. Another designing company that just never fails to impress!

TwitArt helps you personalize your Twitter account even more! At the forefront of the industry, Twitart customizes both your background AND your avatar to make your Twitter account, really, you.

TwittGround can rejuvenate that dead and inactive Twitter account of yours into a fascinating Twitter account. If you are an active Twitter user, why not get your Twitter account a change and some popularity through a high-quality custom page? TwittGround does it for you.

The prizes we have to give out our quite fascinating too!


Whoever has the most points by the end of the contest wins:
– BloggersBB VIP Membership
– SharkSpace’s Hammerhead Hosting 1 Year ($107.40)
– ahnternet Complete Blog Solution or Blog Report ($47.00)
– Additional Prizes below!

Whoever has the second most points by the end of the contest wins:
– BloggersBB Premium Membership x12 months
– WPWebHost’s Freedom Hosting 1 Year ($80.00)
– Additional Prizes below!

Oustanding 3-5
Whoever has the third, fourth, and fifth most points by the end of the contest wins:
– BloggersBB Premium Membership x6 months
– HossHost’s Hoss Hosting 1 Year ($84.00)
– Additional Prizes below!

Additional Prizes!
From first to fifth, winners may choose one of the following prizes in order.
– Custom Twitter Page from TwittGround ($150.00)
– Custom Twitter Background from TwitArt ($78.00)
– Custom Mascot from LogoNerds ($97.00)
– Custom Professional Business Logo from LogoNerds ($47)
– Custom Mascot from DesignFXpro ($100+)

Excellence Awards
This isn’t points based. This is about quality. How much substance did you contribute to BloggersBB? It really is all about quality here rather than quantity. If your one post is simply brilliant, you win!
– BloggersBB Premium Membership x3 months
– Blue Shore Host’s Personal Hosting 1 Year ($39.99)

Lucky Duo
We will pick two (2) random members who participated in the contest. They will win:
– BloggersBB Premium Membership x1 month
– SequenceHosting’s Starter Hosting 1 Year ($12.00)
– Custom Twitter Background from CustomTwitterBg ($59.00)

All winners get free blog installations/migrations and modifications.

How to Participate?

Participating in the contest is fairly easy. All you have to do is become a member of BloggersBB, subscribe to this blog to receive your updates on fantastic internet marketing and blogging tips and of course, the winner announcement, and make a blog post about this contest and sending a trackback to this post. The trackback will be your real confirmation ticket into the contest, so you really want to make sure you get that in! This sets you up for the bare minimum and in running position for the “Lucky Duo” prize.

To win the contest that is bundled with premium accounts, awesome web hosting, Twitter backgrounds, and custom mascots and logos, actively participate in the forums! Posting, referring people, and simply participating in our smaller events will earn you points to win this. :)

For full contest details, check out the Official Contest Details page.

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Happy New Year And Goals For 2010

First, let me say:

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it is 2010 already? I can still remember the time when I first decided to start building websites and create some sort of a web presence for myself. That was in mid-late 2002! Wow, time flies by!

It’s 2010, and I know this can sound a little funny, but let me ask you this. Think about 2011. How far does it feel? I don’t know about you, but to me, it feels like I’ve got quite some time until 2011 hits. However, re-read the paragraph above. Time flies! I know that 2010 is just going to go by quick and I’m sure you agree too.

We’ve got big things coming up this year. World Cup South Africa YEAH!! That’s going to be the highlight of the year! Vancouver Winter Olympics too! Sweet! The Hy-wire is supposed to be around the corner. I’m a little hyped up about the Burj Dubai too, being an engineer. Personally, we’ve all got big events for us that will make 2010 fantastic.

Online, I’ve got small plans and big plans. Let’s face it, my 2009–goal wise–was pretty bad. I didn’t exactly follow my goals and tried to tap into new and different markets, which made me lose focus. So, I’m looking to make the first year of this decade a little different and am planning on an approach that tackles the roots once again.

For Internet marketers, you can use all your tricks up your sleeve and utilize your cool custom tools and scripts. However, at the end of the day, nothing beats a hard work on just getting the fundamentals done. I hope to go back to it and try to stay away from the numerous distractions that the enjoyable Internet marketer’s world offers.

In regards to this blog, I hope to document my works a little better to help people out. I find it that when you know how to make money online and strive to perfect the impossible game of marketing, you kind of get bored from time to time and inspiration from fellow marketers just don’t cut it. However, inspiring new people and helping others start from the roots can be interesting and I personally think it will be a rewarding experience too. I’ve taught math and physics for college-bound kids. As much as I enjoy sharing knowledge on multivariable calculus and Gauss’s Law, I wouldn’t mind running something like AzoogleAds 101. So, look out for this blog to help you out a lot (hopefully).

Summary on Goals for 2010

  • Promote my network every other day
  • Rebuild content for all the sites and maintain updates
  • Do not start any more projects until BloggersBB reaches 40% of its goals
  • Exploit more sources of traffic and find new areas of revenue
  • Have a go again at AdSense (as I like affiliate marketing the most, but hanging out with Big G isn’t so bad)
  • Update ahnternet on a regular basis with at least two helpful posts a week
  • Ride a new wave and find a new work routine to stay away from distractions

This post or a list of goals will most likely change by the summer of this year. Why? Because I’m determined to overachieve. Although I’m still a student, who said you can’t do this all while double majoring and minoring?

2010, here I come!

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